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Thank you all for your mostly very positive user reviews on Google Play. I really appreciate it.

There are as well reviews containing suggestions, bug reports, etc. On this page, I will try to react to some of them. BTW, I generally prefer it if you send me suggestions and bug reports to my email or

UPDATE: As developers can now react to user reviews directly at Google Play, new review responses will appear directly at Google Play.

by David Ng (March 23, 2013)
Sad user after update, I lost all my saved data.

The latest aWallet version 2.4.3 (at the moment) was placed to Google Play on February 21, 2013. More than month before this comment was written. If there was a problem with aWallet version 2.4.3 such reports would appear much sooner after the app was updated in Google Play. Anyway, the latest aWallet version is already installed/upgraded by majority of users (182457 now). Hope that so many users that have already upgraded are OK with this version. This I believe kind of proves that the update did not cause any loss of data. 

Anyway I strongly suggest to do data backup regularly. So even if your phone malfunctions, is lost, etc. You can anytime later, restore your data from the backup (e.g. in the repaired phone or in a new phone).

by Cristina de Arruda Albuquerque (February 25, 2013)
Upgrade lost my data Free app did not make a local backup, so this app could not find any backup - which it looked for in the wrong place, to begin with. End of story: lost my data.

After chatting with the user it turned out she had uninstalled the free aWallet version before data were imported to the Cloud version. Uninstalling deletes the app and backup file as well.
Here is how to import data to the Cloud version: 
FAQ How can I import data from aWallet free.

by Fabrizio Burzachechi (January 20, 2013)
Good app but... The only bad thing? Can't backup data... So when you delete the app for a reason, maybe software, etc, you have to replace all...

aWallet can of course backup data: see post at FAQ How to make a backup

by Paul Stroud (December 12, 2012)
Gives a real false sense of security. I had LOTS of passwords and personal info saved and needed to get my phone replaced. I used the "backup" feature and it says, "Data saved to: /mnt/sdcard/Android/data/" with a caution to transfer the data.crypt file "...for the case you lose your phone." Well, I copied my entire SD card and then kept the card before sending the phone off for replacement. When I tried to restore - there is NO SUCH FILE on the card. All my data is gone. Thanks for another waste-of-time application.

The message in the Backup dialog says: Make sure to transfer the data.crypt file to your computer via USB for the case you lose your phone. If you did this you should be able to restore your data.

See also Cannot find data.crypt or CSV backup on SD card about multiple external memories in Android phones. Unfortunately Android uses /sdcard/ path also for files stored in the phone internal memory. Therefore it is necessary to copy the data.crypt via USB
 to your PC/Mac as it is described in the message dialog.

UPDATE: Consider aWallet Cloud version for easier backup of data.crypt file

by Myles (October 25, 2012)
After keeping dozens of passwords, account names ext. The app updated and loss ALL information stored.

aWallet does not not change unlocking mechanism between versions. Believe me I'm fully aware that incompatible change in unlocking mechanism would destroy aWallet project completely. There are many automatic tests verifying each new aWallet release. As aWallet has now hundreds thousands of active users it seems that upgrades does not causes data loses. I would expect much more complaints in Google Play or in a support mailbox in such a case. 

There are most complaints (about 5-10) for not successful unlocking every time when a new version is released. My own explanation to this is that upgrade reminds few not active users that they have aWallet in their phone. But they possibly just cannot remember their master passwords. 

Some users also open "Category Editor" instead of "Categories" or "Favorite Category" icon on home screen and are confused they don't see any real data.

There can also be a problem in the phone itself. Sometimes the phone has to be restarted to get working 
it properly. Some users also have rooted phones. And they might change by mistake access rights to the file system. This can lead to situation when Android OS blocks aWallet in accessing its own data.crypt file.

Anyway note there are 
today (November 23rd 2012) about 218 000 of active users. About 76% of them have already upgraded to the latest 3.0.3 version. And all of them seem to be OK with the upgrade.

by A Google User (October 21, 2012)
Good app. Can you add more? Nice app to save all passwords under relevant categories for easy reference. It would be awesome if you can add a username field too. This would help store the usernames for various websites along with their passwords in one convenient and secure location.

There are only 2 Categories without Name field: Credit Card - which uses Holder instead of username. And another is Email Accounts - there is used email instead of username (email is typically used as username at web mail sites). 

There is also a Category Editor in aWallet where you can add any field to any Category you wish. Feel free to customize existing categories. Or create new categories according to your needs.

by Basheer (October 10, 2012)
Icon. WTH did you folks go and change the icon?!

The aWallet app icon now has blue background. The blue color is the same as color used in the application top bar. And it is also the same color as is used in this web site's menu.

by narke (October 5, 2012)
When does it support search? As more and more web login accounts got stored in the application, I really hope there would have a seach function. -narke.

Search is available in aWallet. See the Search (magnifier) icon in the top right corner in the main and Categories screens. 

by MordyT (October 4, 2012)
Pro Mode Hi developer can you please comment on on the upgrade for 2.49 to get Pro mode. For all those new features. Don't get me wrong it's a great app and it's really a 5 star but at least detail it when your posting a change log that you're going pro . It's this backhanded nonsense that really get us going. And would be nice to discount it for 24 hours when you do this as I won't spend more then 1.00 on any app.

aWallet 3.x has introduced 2 new "Pro" features. Password Generator and CSV Import. These are both available for single and final payment using the Google Play In-app billing. Those users who upgrade will have access to all Pro features added in future aWallet releases.

If you don't need these new Pro features you are not forced to upgrade. You still have all the features from aWallet 2.x for free. I promise that everything you have used in 2.x aWallet version will remain free and available in all future versions.

by 29rhla (August 17, 2012)
Really!? this app was storing my passwords just fine until I entered my password wrong too many times and then it just deleted everything-no warning, no "hold on you're about to..."--just DELETE!!!!!!

aWallet can be configured to self destruct itself after predefined number of not successful unlock attempts. This is turned off by default. And there is also warning displayed before auto destruction, however this warning can be disabled as well in Settings. Be careful with this feature. If you turn this on, make sure to have backup of data.crypt so that you can restore your data.

by Alvaro (July 25, 2012)
Imposible to recover pwds After installing the app in a new phone I can not recover all my .csv backed up files

CSV files are not intended for data transfer to a new phone. 

For guide how to transfer data to a new phone look please at this mini guide:

by Restriktor (February 22, 2012)
Data deleted while locked! Am I doing something wrong: program allows database to be deleted while locked?! (Options, more, reset aWallet) True, it asks twice, but if someone unlocks my phone, that someone can erase all my data??

Yes, resetting aWallet is available while it is locked. Imagine you forget your main aWallet password. Your only chance is to reset aWallet. Which means to delete data and start again. When somebody gets access to your phone she/he can uninstall aWallet or do even complete phone reset.

For the case you lose your phone, you should backup your data regularly anyway, or you can use aWallet Cloud that synchronizes encrypted backup with your Cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive). If anybody unlocks your phone and resets aWallet, you still have data.crypt file somewhere available (in your PC, email, Dropbox, etc.). Therefore you can restore data file and continue.

by Patricia (February 11, 2012)
Great app. Easy to use and does what it says. Only wish I could alter the time between it asking for a p/word again. Annoying!

Auto Lock Timeout can be changed in Settings. You can set timeouts from 1 minute up to 6 hours, or you can turn off auto locking.

by casper (January 2, 2012)
Great! This is really excellent with the flexibility in customization n minimum permission for sensitive data. suggest to prompt password n go straight to category list be more efficient user interface, less clicks

I'm glad you've found aWallet useful. Regarding displaying Categories after entering the master password... This is something aWallet can do already. Just tap the Categories icon on the Home screen. aWallet will ask you for the master password to unlock if necessary. And after that you will get to Categories screen directly. Similarly you can access your Favorite Category, initiate Search or open the Category Editor. 

In most cases you don't have to unlock by using the menu Unlock button. The menu Unlock is here only for the case you want to change Settings or do Data backup and aWallet is locked at the moment. For security reasons, Settings and Data backup menus are enabled only when aWallet is unlocked.

by Trasd (December 23, 2011)
It will export your records in CSV format, but there is no way (that I've found) to import data. ...continued... I do have 2 small issues: the encryption text and my background are both black (can't read options - please note, this is unique to my system and not a program problem); no PC program to edit and use encrypted files. But, wow - like i said: Finally, my search is over. Very nice."

CSV import was added in 3.0.1 version. Please consider the CSV Export as the additional backup feature only. It allows you to access your data even without aWallet. But note it is not safe to place not encrypted data to SD Card.

Regarding not readable texts. Please tell me (ideally via email) on which screen do you have black encryption text and background. On the Unlock screen? Or in options (settings)? I'm confused about this problem and don't know how to reproduce it. Therefore don't know how fix it.

PC version... I would like to have PC version for my own needs too. I plan to write it. Even though I believe I would use the Android version most of the time anyway.

by lencooley (November 27, 2011)
Permissions? Why does this need the following permission? SYSTEM TOOLS RETRIEVE RUNNING APPLICATIONS

This permission was removed in the 2.2.0 version. aWallet now uses different way to find out if it is running in the foreground at the moment (aWallet needs this info for the correct implementation of the auto lock feature).

by J (November 10, 2011)
This application is malicious! It sent an sms advert to all my contacts!!!!

Note please that aWallet has no permission to read contacts and no permission to send SMS. Therefore aWallet could not send any SMS.

by Kevin (November 7, 2011)
Great App This password app is easy use and has good features. I found one BUG in the system. It can't export data to CSV(unencrypted) file on SD. It said, "Export Data Failed!"

Export to CSV at least works on my Nexus S. And I believe that this works for most other users too. I would appreciate if you send me more details via email.

by Tan (October 20, 2011)
Great App!! One issue though.. The issue being the passwords are shown as plain text.. i have seen in some apps where we can toggle password data between plain text and "***".. this helps protecting our passwords from some peeping eyes... Rest of the aap is great!!! 5Start Any Sync option planned??

Support for hidden passwords has been added in 1.6.0 version. Thanks for this suggestion!
Regarding PC sync option... I'm thinking about Bluetooth or Wifi sync options with the local computer. But to keep aWallet trustworthy, I don't plan to add web access permission.

However I'm considering splitting aWallet to 2 different editions. The current one with current permissions and features. And another one that will sync data with the Cloud e.g. Dropbox. The aWallet Cloud version will need to have the web access permission however.

UPDATE: There is now aWallet Cloud version available in Google Play: