Get aWallet Cloud from Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1194813074
Get aWallet original from Apple App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/app/id1203247013

How can I transfer data from Android

If you used aWallet Cloud on Android:
  • Install aWallet Cloud in iOS
  • Choose Restore from cloud in the initial screen
  • Select cloud (Dropbox or Google Drive) and cloud account you've used in the old phone

If you used aWallet original in Android:
  • Create backup in aWallet original in your Android phone:
    • Unlock the app, press the menu button on the home screen / Backup data file
  • Transfer the data.crypt file from Android to your Mac/PC
    • Use Android app WiFi File transfer or Airdroid instead of USB cable to transfer the file. USB cable transfer can destroy the file and it may not be possible to unlock it.
  • Install aWallet or aWallet Cloud in iPhone / iPad
  • Choose Create new data in the initial screen
    • If you have aWallet Cloud on your iOS device: Choose cloud Dropbox or Google Drive and provide your existing cloud account
  • Put the data.crypt file backup to the aWallet or aWallet Cloud iTunes File Sharing folder using this guide
  • Unlock aWallet, select the Settings tab / Actions / Restore data file
Alternatively if you already have aWallet Cloud installed on your iOS device:
    • Copy the data.crypt file backup to your cloud and replace the existing data.crypt
    • If you are using Google Drive then copy the file to https://drive.google.com. If you are using Dropbox copy the file to https://www.dropbox.com/home/Apps/aWallet%20Cloud
      • Note: There must already exist data.crypt file in the cloud and this file must have been created by the app and not by the user. aWallet Cloud will not see the file in the cloud if it was created by the user for the first time.
    • Press the sync button in iOS aWallet Cloud home screen to download data from the cloud

How to Import data from CSV

  • Prepare folder named "csv" with all CSV files to be imported
  • Drag&drop the csv folder to the aWallet or aWallet Cloud iTunes File Sharing folder using this guide
  • Unlock aWallet, select the Settings tab / Actions / Import data from CSV